Which members of the youth club will become boyfriend and girlfriend?


Fun at the fair


"Wow!" Daniel shouted.

"Ah!" Alex said.

They were sitting in a car on the Voyager, high above the fair. Like the other people in the cars, they were upside down!

Marian was with them. "Are you two feeling OK?" she asked.

Daniel laughed. "Of course. It's great!"

When the Voyager stopped, Alex looked ill. "I didn't like being upside down," he said. "I ate a big hamburger just before we got on."


"Look," Marian said, "over there, near the funny mirrors. There's Shellina."

Suddenly Alex felt better. He liked Shellina.

"Hey, Shellina!" he shouted.

"Hi, everybody," Shellina said.

"Let's go in here. OK?" Daniel said.

When Marian saw Shellina in the first mirror, she laughed. "You look so tall!"

When they came to the next mirror, Shellina said, "Oh no! You look so fat, Marian!"