The friends are on holiday. But the weather is terrible ...


Not in real life


The five friends were bored.

It was a cold, windy day. It was rainy, too.

They couldn't swim in the sea.

"In August we usually have very nice weather in Wales," Evan said.

The others laughed.

At Sunvale caravan park you could hire mountain bikes. Claire liked the idea. But it was really too windy for the others.

Dave said there was an interesting path along some cliffs next to the sea.

Asif wasn't very happy.

"You must be joking! In this weather? I can get the Segtendo. We can play computer games."

"Why are you all grumbling?" Evan asked. "You're on holiday. Dave's idea is good. Let's walk on the cliffs. Shall I get my new telescope?"

"A telescope? Great! I saw an Enid Blyton story on TV. The Famous Five had an adventure on some cliffs with a telescope. They saw smugglers, I think. And there was a boat with special signals."

"Oh, Sharon. That was a story on TV," Asif said. "That doesn't happen in real life."

They all laughed.


But nobody had a better idea, so they went to the cliffs. The cliffs were very high, and it was really windy there.

"This is fun!" Claire said.

Sharon thought so, too.

But Asif really didn't like it.

"Look, it's cold and wet. Let's go back."

"Here, Asif. Don't grumble again. You can look through the telescope first."

Asif took the telescope and looked through it.

What he saw was very interesting ...