On Ben Nevis


"Be careful out on the hills," said Mr Campbell.

The Leinerts were ready to leave the house now.

"A lot of our guests climb Ben Nevis. But we always warn them. Don't go on if the weather changes."

"We'll be all right," said Mr Leinert. "Ben Nevis isn't very high. Not like the Alps."

"No, but it's still dangerous!" said Mr Campbell. "There are bad accidents up there every year."

"Thanks, Mr Campbell," said Mrs Leinert. "We'll be careful. Come on, everybody. Have we got anything?"


It was sunny and warm when they got out of the car.

"Have you all got your anoraks?" asked Mr Leinert. "We'll need them later."

Walking was easy at first. The path wasn't steep yet.

"Look at those people behind us," said David. It was a young man and woman. They had T-shirts on, and the woman wore tennis shoes with no socks.

"I don't think they'll get far!" David said.


After a time the path got steeper - and the stones on the path got bigger.

"I'm tired!" said David. "What about having our sandwiches now?"

So they sat down on some rocks. It wasn't so warm now, and they all had their anoraks on.

When they went on ten minutes later, it started to rain.

"This isn't much fun!" said Mrs Leinert.

"It'll stop in a minute," said Jenny. "Come on, Mum."


But it didn't stop. It got wetter and wetter. And everybody got colder and colder.

The path was very wet, too, and sometimes it was slippery. They were the only people on the path now. Mr Leinert looked at the weather. Then he looked at Mrs Leinert, Jenny and David.

Nobody looked very happy.

"Let's go back," he said. "It's no good going on in this!"

He was right. Nobody wanted to go on now.