Selected words


a (indef art)

to abandon

abbey (n)

able (adj)

about (adv)

about (prep)

above (adv)

above (prep)

abroad (adv)

accent (n)

accident (n)

accommodation (n)

advertisement (n)

against (prep)

alphabetical (adj)



to babysit

bad (adj)

bar (n)

church (n)

church hall (n)

coffee (n)

coffee bar (n)

dart (n)

dartboard (n)

darts (n)

date (n)

to make a date

dictionary (n)

disappointed (adj)

disco (n)

to earn

to enjoy

equipment (n)

eye (n)

fair (n)

fat (adj)



make friends with

ghost (n)

ghost train (n)

to go out

good at

ice-skating (n)

indoor (adj)

be interested in

to kiss

to like

local council (n)

member (n)

mirror (n)

mosque (n)

news (n)

one (pron)

order (n)

outdoor (adj)


should (aux)

to ski

snooker (n)

sports hall (n)

do sports

stadium (n)

tall (adj)

to teach

tenpin bowling

thief (n)

to throw

upside down (adv)

xylophone (n)

youth club (n)

youth hostel (n)

zoo (n)